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Math age 4-6, for schools

18.85 usd

‘Math age 4-6, for schools’, is the second app in our math series for schools, designed to give every child a great start in math. It follows on from our successful ‘Math age 3-5, for schools’ app, which is already popular in schools worldwide. Trials by the The University of Nottingham showed children moving ahead in math by 18 months, in just 6 weeks of using this app.
What’s more, as a nonprofit organization, we use the proceeds from our apps to help deliver education to children in Malawi.
Take advantage of special educational pricing through the Apple Volume Purchase Program.
'Math age 4-6, for schools’ features:
- 18 core topics for first grade math, with over 120 activities- a teacher figure, who shows ‘how to’ - variety, and fun - progression, and plenty of practice - a quiz at the end of each topic, with a certificate - a ‘naming’ button, to personalize the app for each child, and help you track the child’s progress.
Topics covered:
1. Shape and position2. Counting to 20 3. Sharing 4. More counting 5. Tell the time 6. Add and subtract
7. Count in tens and fives 8. How tall? How long?9. Count to 10010. 2-D shapes 11. Number lines 12. Fractions
13. Weigh it!14. More number work15. 3-D shapes16. Measure time17. More + and -18. How much can it hold?
Ideal for helping children catch up.Audio-driven, so reading ability is not an issue.Download in English – and add other languages at no extra charge if you wish, for children whose first language is not English.The language settings can be changed inside the app.